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Hennie van Es at Fresh Plaza about first Chilean avocado Hass at Total Exotics

The first Chilean Hass avocado arrived at Total Exotics in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands already 2 weeks ago. We, Total Exotics, see Chile as a strong partner which supplies fruit from September till March. The coming season is looking very promising, Chile expects to have 25% more fruit than last year and the weather conditions are…

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Avocado hass. Colli hele + 1 halve incl pit (van bovenaf)

Total Exotics launches new consumer-focused packaging

Total Exotics, a young and ambitious Dutch company, is launching a new packaging concept based on feedback received from consumers. “The philosophy is that if we become more consumer-focused on how we put the products together, in the end we help our retailers to be in a better position to reach the consumers,” explains Rients…

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Hennie Van Es to join Total Exotics team

Total Exotics have announced that Hennie Van Es will joining be the team as Sourcing & Trading Director as per 1 September. Previously Director of Sales and Purchasing at Nature’s Pride where he was involved in developing the sourcing and trading side. With 20 years in the trade, Van Es has extensive experience in exotic fruits…

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