The first Chilean Hass avocado arrived at Total Exotics in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands already 2 weeks ago.

Plantage Chili

We, Total Exotics, see Chile as a strong partner which supplies fruit from September till March. The coming season is looking very promising, Chile expects to have 25% more fruit than last year and the weather conditions are good.

Chile has a very strong export position, besides Europe and the USA they have a very strong local market and also Peru and Argentina are sourcing from Chile. Japan is becoming a strong competitor because they do the same size range as Total Exotics.

At this moment we are facing a very strong market. Europe is receiving around 220 containers of avocado per week and the market is easily able to handle around 300 containers. This shortage is driving up the prices and the situation will not change till the end of October. The import volumes are still decreasing week by week as expected and this will not change till new supply from counties such as Colombia starts.

In the coming week Total Exotic will still have some late fruit from Southern Peru coming in but volumes are limited. We don’t foresee any problem in supplying our programs because this situation was expected and we assured our needs with our supply partners. Total Exotics’ main supply at the moment will be Mexico and Chile.

The Chilean and Mexican fruit is of a very high quality and also ripen very well. All fruit is from a Global Gap certified farm and also the food safety is closely monitored.


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Avocado hass. Colli hele + 1 halve incl pit (van bovenaf)