Policy Statement

Total Exotics’ mission is to provide long-term, sustainable security to both growers and to our retail, wholesale and foodservice customers in terms of volume, price and quality. We are a sourcing company specialized in avocado and mango, operating under the umbrella of Total Produce Group. Being a part of Total Produce Group lets us make use of the advantages of sharing technical expertise, and optimizing distribution by working together with our partnering companies worldwide.

We strive to use our competitive advantages to add value for our customers. Our customers notice this in the form of excellent customer service and by offering ripened products which meet and exceed the expectations.

Quality in product and service

Total Exotics operates in a dynamic sector, where continuous quality assurance is very important. The quality system describes the controlled manner in which the safety of the product is assured. Taken into account are EU laws and regulations, and additional demands as prescribed in BRC Food and IFS Food. Our process of quality assurance is demonstrable through our certificates.

Quality starts at the source. Total Exotics chooses to source its fruit from experienced and professional growers. Close cooperation of technical management between Total Exotics and its suppliers enables mutual control of product and process safety, ensures authenticity, and positively influences final product quality. Mutually driven and continuous improvement programs have led to high quality produce perfectly suitable for our ripening rooms.

Quality is not only expressed in the physical quality of our products, but also in the quality of our service. A passionate, well collaborating team of skilled employees help our customers in defining their wishes, finding solutions and working out innovative ideas.

Supply Chain responsibility

As a significant link in the supply chain, Total Exotics has an overview from “source to shelf”. For this reason, we see it as our job to support and give advice to suppliers and customers.

We actively engage in developing long-term relationships with suppliers. As we are in the business of exotic fruits, often the products are sourced in second or third world countries. We try to source directly from a producer/producer cooperation, as we would like them to benefit as much as possible. Total Exotics prefers suppliers who also offer technical assistance and training to their growers. With technical support, the growers can increase their knowledge, the yield, and therefore increase their income. This gives them economic independence and creates work opportunities in the entire community.

We sell these products directly to supermarkets, to keep the supply chain as short as possible. Our customers receive consistent, regular volumes from our ripening rooms. We provide that consistency by sourcing from various locations during different seasons to minimize risks inherent to horticultural production.


Total Exotics acknowledges the necessity for sustainable business management. Corporate social responsibility is more than solely adhering to laws and regulations. We aim to find a balance between the three sustainability dimensions People, Planet and Profit. All three dimensions are weighed in our decisions and the activities we undertake. We strive for continuous improvement and integrate sustainability in our processes. This requires involvement, effort and collaboration throughout the organisation and throughout the supply chain.


We are proud to present new challenges to people and to support them with developing their talents. Through a good personnel policy we create a healthy, safe, and fun working environment for our employees. Every employee gets equal opportunities, and nobody will be disadvantaged on the basis of gender, origin, religious beliefs, age, or sexual orientation. People with poor employment prospects also get the opportunity to develop within Total Exotics. Our balanced workforce is a reflection of the local community.


At Total Exotics we take care of our environment, and try to leave a positive influence on the environment in the countries from which we source. We try to reduce the use of plastic. In coordination with our suppliers, we rather import in 10kg boxes instead of in 4kg boxes, as it reduces waste. Our packaging department constantly searches for alternative materials, which have less impact on the environment. We love working with our suppliers and our customers to optimize the supply chain sustainably, so that we can grow together.


We conduct business fairly and perform our duties conform ethical and legal norms. We expect the same from the companies with whom we do business. We believe that corporate social responsibility is an addition to our strategy. We would like to function as an example for businesses in the fruit-sector, to show that doing business in a sustainable way is possible and profitable in a dynamic sector.

Let’s grow together!

Our point of difference

  • Focus on ready to eat mangoes and avocados with extra value!
  • Retail minded and consumer related!
  • Year-round Quality!
  • Ready to Enjoy!
  • Sell out!
  • Competitive offer!