According to mango consumers, flavor is the most important. In the past eight years, Total Exotics has seen customers move away from appearance as a driving factor for mango purchases. Today, European consumers are more concerned about mango flavor, texture and aroma as 60% of consumer satisfaction is determined by taste.

The concern over flavor and texture is why Total Exotics has focused away from handling older commercial mango varieties like Tommy Atkins and Hayden. Although reliable producers, such varieties are too fibrous with less desirable eating characteristics. Instead, Total Exotics has focused on Kent and Keitt thanks to its juiciness, sweetness and good value for money.

Kent and Keitt production has increased globally, in areas like Sao Paulo, Brazil, to respond to European demand. To complement Kent and Keitt, Total Exotics has worked with producers worldwide to incorporate newer mango varieties with desirable flavor characteristics, such as Palmer (a premium mango variety with little or no fibre in its flesh), Osteen (with a distinctive deep red or purple color and lacks fibres in its sweet flesh), Shelly (almost smooth, sweet flesh), May (a smaller, round mango with deep yellow flesh and delicious taste).