Direct from source

We aim to build and develop sustainable sourcing relationships that can grow with Total Exotics and our customers. Therefore, sourcing for us is not just buying, but linking all the passion and drive in the supply chain and creating a sustainable solution at every stage, in order to supply the best product for you.

First of all, we place our growers, customers and consumers at the heart of everything we do, as we believe in driving satisfaction amongst all stakeholders in this triangle is essential for long term success.


The foundation of our business is built upon quality, availability and service from technically proficient and progressive growers. Furthermore, our innovation makes us stand out from the crowd. The ultimate aim is to lead the industry through sound technical judgement, development and innovation. Total Exotics leverages on the technical expertise and support from the UK, which works towards the highest standards in Europe.

Consistent and sustainable programs through long term relations

Total Exotics chooses to source its fruit from experienced and professional growers. Mutually driven and continuous improvement programs has led to high quality produce perfectly suitable for our ripening rooms.

Retail customers receive consistent, regular volumes and quantities from our ripening rooms. We provide that consistency by sourcing product from various locations during different seasons to minimize risks inherent to horticultural production. Our relationships are conducted to the ethical standards outlined in certification programs like GlobalGap and BRC.

Our technical consultants work together with our growers in close cooperation in order to define and manage quality in conformance with the required specifications of the end customer.


Also for our mango program we select exporters that work professionally. With several partners, the relations have been strong for already 13 years. Both their professionalism and very high QC requirements makes a supplier a reliable partner for retail customers, delivering consistent quality and volumes.

Another important grower selection factor for Total Exotics is their understanding of the European trade and customer needs and requirements. Growers, like SIIM, Edom and Mor, with respectively 7 and 4 and 5 years of history with Total Exotics, act accordingly.