Quality & packaging

Driving quality is our primary focus

From the farm, mangos and avocados are shipped to Rotterdam, Europe’s hub for exotics. Upon arrival, the fruit is tested on quality, such as brix, firmness, color, bruises, scars, temperature control, palletization, etc. The necessary for ripening and packing is monitored towards the highest standards according to the added value requirements of these items.

Add value with ripened and packaged fruit

Taste drives consumer satisfaction. In order to drive repeat buying we deliver ready-to-eat quality through state-of-the-art ripening facilities.


Our state of the art ripening facilities allows us to manage temperatures, humidity, and ethylene based on the maturity of the fruit upon arrival.

To present the most flavorful produce for consumers, Total Exotics supplies retailers with varieties proven to develop flavor when exposed to the most sophisticated ripening room technology. Total Exotics maintains ripening rooms with the best technology:

  • Racking free floor
  • Tarp ground floor
  • Tarp top floor
  • Gastight door
  • Extended cooling systems
  • Increasing capacity

These rooms handle 125 pallets per week, constantly delivering fruit ready to eat for retail. Most importantly for our customers, our rooms are dedicated to our exotic lines. Our focus is on crops like mangos and avocados: ripened, ready-to-eat tropical fruits that continue to grow in popularity with European consumers.


Superior ripeness testing and technology is not the only way Total Exotics delivers retailers the best product. Once ripened, avocados and mangos can be packed according to a variety of specifications. Our packaging contains messages from the growers as well as advice on how to best use the product for the consumer. Sweetness, acidity and aroma are also clearly rated for the consumer.

The packaging also has unique QR codes that, when scanned, take consumers to Total Exotics websites. Films and recipes educate the consumer, preparing them to come back for a repeat purchase. This packaging accomplishes much of the point-of-sale education attempted by larger displays. Total Exotics also makes POS displays available, based on retailer preferences and space requirements. Packaging developed by weight can also help us tailor to a retailer’s pricing requirements.

Total Exotics has an own packaging line in the warehouse to pack products on daily request. Products can be packed in Total Exotics brand and we pack in the customer’s brand as well. Packaging lines include:

  • Flowpack (horizontal and vertical)
  • Girsac
  • Nets